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List of Weaknesses With Examples

List of Weaknesses With Examples

During job interviews, hiring managers will ask about your weaknesses as a way to determine whether you are qualified for the job. Questions about your weaknesses also help the interviewer understand how well you know yourself.

Be careful when sharing weaknesses. You don't want to knock yourself out of contention for the job because the interviewer thinks you're not qualified. You want your answer to be honest, but as positive as possible.

You should also explain how you are overcoming (or plan to overcome) your weakness. It is particularly useful when your weakness is a hard skill that can be easily learned. For example, if you are unfamiliar with a software package, you might explain that you are taking an online course to learn the package. You might even phrase your answer as, “One skill I am currently working on…”

Finally, while you want to be positive, you should also be honest. Answers like “I don’t have any flaws” will come across as insincere.

If you think carefully about the job ahead of time and prepare an answer, you will be able to remain positive while still being honest.

Examples of Strengths

It's just as important, sometimes even more so, to be able to discuss your strengths during a job interview. When describing your strong points, focus on your strengths that are most relevant to the job for which you are applying (unlike when discussing your weaknesses).

Here is a list of examples of strengths to share during an interview.

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